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Hi, my name is Ken and I’m a Games Development lecturer at Sheffield college. My primary interests are in the areas of games theory, narrative, arc and the development of better believable worlds by careful attention to detail and comprehensive research. My background begins with me working part time for Games Workshop from there I went on to become an electrician, student and then engineer working in the cutlery industry. I’ve used parametric modelers to design knife/cutting blades and taught CAD to other engineers.

In 2002 I started an internet cafe and training facility called “The Frag Cafe”.  A social enterprise aimed at working with disaffected young people and computer games technology. Teaching games development before it became a recognized subject, The Frag worked with learners needing key skills up to those studying level 2 (GSCE) by incorporating games dev into established qualifications.

I have been a Gamer since child-hood. I remember Pong hitting the arcades and although my first love was pinball (which plays havoc on the wrists), I soon migrated to the flashing lights and pretty colours of video games. My favourite games of all time (in no particular order) are Boulderdash, Half-life, DayZ and Stalker. My current genre of choice is the Post-apocalyptic Survival Simulator and I have enjoyed titles like DayZ, Nether, Fallout 3 (& New Vegas), Rust, Project Zomboid, Left 4 Dead (1 & 2) and Survarium. I’m looking forward to Miscreated and H1Z1.

My other interests are astronomy & cosmology, cinema, books (about anything and everything) and playing my guitar(s).

That’s all for now, perhaps more later.


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